When needing assistance with ongoing Pipeline Integrity Programs, Sunland offers the complete solution. Upon identifying the potential impact of HCA’s, assessing the risk, and developing a mitigation plan; Sunland will take care of everything else to reach compliance. Whether the requirement is for assistance or for a complete turnkey package, Sunland can offer a customized combination of services throughout the continuous United States, all inland waters and 25’ of water depth in the Gulf of Mexico. For turnkey requirements, Sunland maintains strategic partnering relationships with specialists experienced in engineering, hydrostatic testing, and smart pigging.


Preliminary Preparation for Pigging Device
  • Fabricate launchers and receivers
  • Install launchers and receivers
  • Remove or replace pipeline restrictions (valves, fittings, drips)
Secondary Preparation for Pigging Device
  • Cleaning and drying services with scraper, chemicals and caliper pigs
  • Pig run assistance
  • Restriction repairs (dents, gauges, etc.)
Final Assistance for Pig Run
  • Site preparation and stabilization
  • Install liquid handling facilities
  • Install pig tracking hardware
  • Marker placement
  • Pig handling
  • Anomaly verification digs
Anomaly Investigation and Repair
  • Recoating
  • Composite sleeve reinforcement
  • Mechanical Leak Clamps
  • Weldover sleeves, split sleeves
  • Pipeline modifications
  • Pipe Section Isolation; stopple fittings
  • Welding and weld repair
  • Hot tapping and plugging
  • Pipe repair, replacement, or retirement (abandonment)
Additional Pipeline Integrity Services
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Investigation of low potential areas
  • Line Lowering
  • Construct shoring box to inspect anomaly
  • Revetment work
  • ROW restoration and maintenance