We consider our most valued asset to be our employees. Our workforce IS our business. We believe that in order to maintain our high standard of service to our customers, we must employ the best industry professionals in their respective fields of training and retain these personnel so that our company can grow with their experience. In order to attract and retain these personnel, we offer a competitive benefits program designed to assist with financial protection and security.


In order to meet the needs of our diverse workforce, we have designed two benefits packages: one for our Full-Time Regular workforce and one for our Full-Time Temporary workforce. Each classification of employee has a health plan option that includes prescription benefits and a 401(k) Savings Plan that has attractive tax advantages and an employer match.

Other benefits that are offered to Full-time Regular personnel include a dental, vision, life insurance, flexible spending account (cafeteria plan), voluntary benefits (such as Short Term Disability, Critical Illness, Term Life and Whole Life) vacation, and holidays.

Right to Know

We have chosen to be a merit shop contractor because we want to work with employees who have the best skills, greatest initiative, and performance while rewarding them with opportunities for employment and advancement. We base our employment decisions on an employee's ability, and not on a union or nonunion status. Since we started business, we have chosen, and have been successful working with our employees on a direct, one-to-one basis, without outside union interference. We respect the rights of all employees and endeavor to provide a competitive compensation and benefits package.

Due to the diversity of services we offer and the geographic area in which we operate, there is more work available for our seasonal craft personnel on a consistent basis than with union pipeline contractors. We believe that this consistency in work translates into an overall benefit for our employees not yet seen to date by unionized pipeline contractors.