Our Sunland Station Construction Division offers a comprehensive package of equipment and expertise designed to meet all of your facility construction requirements. We have developed and maintain a unique group of industry professionals who are not only the top experts in their fields, they also have access to a network of skilled craftsmen and helpers to assist in all projects. Our highly specialized and experienced crews have successfully completed numerous projects including construction of major compressor stations, pump stations, storage facilities, meter stations, LNG facilities, tank farms, liquid handling facilities and electric power plants. Our workforce is readily available for projects located anywhere in the United States. Our working crews are well accustomed to handling projects that may be in the most remote locations and under any conditions that may arise. We are very proud of our diverse workforce in station and facility construction. Along with contracts involving construction only, Sunland Station Construction also offers services for engineering, procurement and construction type contracts in an effort to accommodate all our customers’ needs.


  • Full-service civil construction
  • Mechanical fabrication and installation
  • Process plant installation
  • Installation of major meter stations
  • Upgrade of compressor and pump stations
  • Installation of major grassroots compressor and pump stations
  • Installation of power stations to 90 MW
  • Installation of storage facilities
  • Revamp of LNG facilities
  • Installation of salt dome leaching facilities
  • Plant piping modifications
  • Installation of liquid handling facilities (separators and slug catchers)
  • Crude oil rail loading and unloading facilities
  • Midstream gathering and processing terminals
  • Bi-directional station modifications
  • Facility conversion projects for gas to liquid or liquid to gas