Sunland offers turnkey project services and contracts that are structured to help our clients manage financial and other risks associated with projects. Work can be performed on a fixed price, lump sum, cost plus, and a variety of other risk sharing methods. Sunland can offer construction only as well as E&C or complete EPC contracts. In most projects, most of the risk is in construction cost. Sunland can offer construction expertise in the project development that can noticeably reduce the total installed cost by implementing the most cost-effective and efficient construction techniques and methodology prior to formally bidding the project.

Sunland has experience in performing as both prime and subcontractor. Sunland has devoted many years in developing trusting, mutually beneficial business relationships with complementary pipeline industry leaders. We can earn your confidence by taking the lead and teaming with engineering and design professionals to offer a total bottom line package for your project; offering you total project responsibility and execution in one contract.

Our experience includes:

  • Performance as both prime and subcontractor
  • Design and construction of pipelines
  • Design and construction of meter stations
  • Design and construction of Directional Drills
  • Design and construction of compressor stations
  • Design and construction of power stations