Since 1991, Sunland Construction, Inc. has been providing the equipment and expertise needed to tackle even the largest and most challenging drilling projects, anywhere in the United States. Our directional drilling services are anchored by three company-owned and -operated horizontal drilling rigs. These state-of-the-art drilling rigs range in pullback capacity from 220,000 lbs. to 750,000 lbs., and operate in all terrains including water and rock – installing both steel and HDPE/poly pipe. Over the years, Sunland has enjoyed tremendous success and has become a recognized authority in directional drilling expertise and technology. The bottom line is that we have the in-house skill, experience, equipment and personnel to handle even the most challenging directional drills.


  • Three company owned and operated drilling rigs with pullback capacity up to 750,000 lbs.
  • Capable of performing three independent jobs simultaneously
  • Providing project consulting and directional drilling services for private transmission companies and government bodies including state, county and city municipalities
  • Water to water, shore approach and river crossings
  • Drilling operations range from the East to West Coast


  • Lengths to 8,200 feet; pipe diameters to 48"
  • Completion of challenging drills in densely populated areas and environmentally sensitive areas
  • Pipe bundles up to 12 lines in one pullback
  • Installation through rock
  • Installation in extreme elevation changes
  • Installation using intersect method